The Sorbet Rainbowcy

I’ll be honest, the first thing I did when I got home after the trip to France was make my way to the bathroom and empty the contents of my stomach. I’d been feeling sick the whole way home, and I was relieved ot be back in the apartment so I could…well, throw up.

But there were more important things to do now. Vermillion and I had made it home just in time to mcelebrate our son’s first birthday, just like we had planned.

Little Carnelian grew into a red-haired toddler, with one little surprise. I hadn’t expected Bloo to be there the whole time. I had known that she and Thulian were together. I didn’t know how close they were.

Turned out that while Ver and I were having fun in France, my brother and his girlfriend had gotten married in a quick ceremony at home. They’d practically eloped. I was darned impressed.

A few weeks later, I found out that our honeymoon in France had left us with more than memories. I was expecting a baby.

That was about the time that Thulian pulled me aside, wanting to talk.

“Sakura, I don’t think there’s enough room in this apartment for all of us,” he said. “Bloo and I want to start a family, and you and Ver are starting one, and…”

I cut him off. “Thulian, I need to talk to Ver about it first, but how would you feel if he and I moved out and left you and Bloo with this place? We’d take Bistre with us too.”

“Sis, you’re brilliant. That’ll work out great!” Thulian agreed enthusiastically.

As promised, I put the idea to Ver.

“Space is getting a little tight in here, and I don’t know if we can fit any more kids in this place…”

“Sakura, you’re absolutely right. We need to move.” Ver agreed. “Are Bloo and Thulian okay with keeping the apartment?” He asked.

“They are,”I replied.

With everything decided, I got on the phone to local real-estate agents. Ver and I were going to need a nice place, especially if we wanted our family to keep on growing!


Comments on: "Generation Two, Chapter Nine: The Moves We Make" (2)

  1. fleurlegacy said:

    I wonder how nice their new place will be…..Oh and Carnilien is so cute!

  2. I just found your rainbowcy (i was going to make a Sorbet Rainbowcy and it wouldnt let me so i found yours lol) i love it.

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