The Sorbet Rainbowcy

I’ll be honest, the first thing I did when I got home after the trip to France was make my way to the bathroom and empty the contents of my stomach. I’d been feeling sick the whole way home, and I was relieved ot be back in the apartment so I could…well, throw up.

But there were more important things to do now. Vermillion and I had made it home just in time to mcelebrate our son’s first birthday, just like we had planned.

Little Carnelian grew into a red-haired toddler, with one little surprise. I hadn’t expected Bloo to be there the whole time. I had known that she and Thulian were together. I didn’t know how close they were.

Turned out that while Ver and I were having fun in France, my brother and his girlfriend had gotten married in a quick ceremony at home. They’d practically eloped. I was darned impressed.

A few weeks later, I found out that our honeymoon in France had left us with more than memories. I was expecting a baby.

That was about the time that Thulian pulled me aside, wanting to talk.

“Sakura, I don’t think there’s enough room in this apartment for all of us,” he said. “Bloo and I want to start a family, and you and Ver are starting one, and…”

I cut him off. “Thulian, I need to talk to Ver about it first, but how would you feel if he and I moved out and left you and Bloo with this place? We’d take Bistre with us too.”

“Sis, you’re brilliant. That’ll work out great!” Thulian agreed enthusiastically.

As promised, I put the idea to Ver.

“Space is getting a little tight in here, and I don’t know if we can fit any more kids in this place…”

“Sakura, you’re absolutely right. We need to move.” Ver agreed. “Are Bloo and Thulian okay with keeping the apartment?” He asked.

“They are,”I replied.

With everything decided, I got on the phone to local real-estate agents. Ver and I were going to need a nice place, especially if we wanted our family to keep on growing!


Chambѐry, France.

It was everything I’d imagined and more. I knew it was the only place for my honeymoon, after all of my father’s stories about the place.

After we shared a passionate, excited kiss, I leaned over to my new husband and whispered in his ear.

“Let’s go to the Nectary, baby,” I said quietly.

The Nectary was a beautiful, sprawling complex!

It was an amazing trip…even if I did run into a fan who asked for some pictures and a paparazzo that wouldn’t go away.

When we got back to the hotel…it was us time.

The next day, at the General Goods store in town, Vermillion got an interesting request from the manager. He wanted us to go into the old burial mound outside of town and find an object he had lost.

That was an adventure. Hidden doors, secret passages, switches in walls…it was crazy!

Deeper underground, we found a beautiful hedge maze, lit only by candles. I was captivated.

We found a tent someone had left behind, and…well…I just couldn’t help myself.

The next morning, we found the store owner’s lost item, a baseball that had rolled into the tomb and somehow ended up in its very core.

That was the highlight of our trip, I’d say!

By the end of the day, we were back home in Briocheport…but I knew I would never forget France.

There is no way to describe how I felt, standing there on the rotunda at the Butterfly Esplanade, preparing to marry Vermillion Sangria and make him Vermillion Sorbet.

The ceremony was wonderful. We had written our own vows.

“Sakura Kiss Sorbet, we may not have met in a way that usually ends like this, but I wouldn’t want it eny other way. You are beautiful and amazing, and there is nothing I want more than to be a father to our child and a husband to you.”

“With this ring, I thee wed.”

“Vermillion Sangria, I would never have expected to marry so early, but this is the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me. I am so glad to be a mother to our child and a wife to you.”

“With this ring, I thee wed.”

When the preacher said, “You may kiss the bride,” it felt far off to me. I was lost in Vermillion’s beautiful eyes.

Besides, no one really needed to give him permission. We shared a long, passionate kiss.

We had friends and random party crashers there, and I was glad to see every one of them-especially Elberi. She gave me a grin and a nod, a reminder that she had always known. I was glad for her presence, even if she made me a tad uncomfortable.

Oh yes, and Thulian looked freaking ridiculous. But that’s alright, that’s my brother for ya.

The reception seemed to go on forever. There was only one place I really wanted to be, and finally, finally, the reception was over, the congratulations had been given, the gifts had been accepted…and we were on our way home.

We were planning to leave for our honeymoon in Chambѐry in the morning…but our wedding night was going to be spent at home.  Thulian and Bistre were out, at Thulian’s insistence.

We may have been two people…

But at that moment, that night…

I felt like we were one.

Just after the party broke up, I pulled Vermillion outside. I had never thought that this would happen so early, but…well…I just knew that he was the right one for me.

“Vermillion, I have something to ask you.” I said softly.

“Yes, Sakura?” He asked, as I slowly settled down on one knee.

“Just a second,” I said, reaching into my pocket.


“Marry  me, Vermillion Sangria?” I asked, pulling out and opening a black velvet box with a diamond ring in it. “I know it’s supposed to be the other way around, but I just couldn’t wait.”

“Oh, Sakura, yes!” He said. “…But…I want that ring to go back to you…”

Laughing, I slid the ring on his finger.

“Humor me and wear it for a little while,” I said.

I stood up and he pulled me into a warm embrace.

I felt even more confident now. I was going to be a shooting star with a wonderful man by my side.

When I went into labor, it was in the kitchen, thank Berry. I had been hiding from the spotlight, hoping that no one would notice that I was pregnant. I wasn’t exactly famous yet, but if some paparazzi happened to catch a picture of me and it leaked when I was famous later…well, that wouldn’t be good!

I made two phone calls-one to a taxi company for a ride, and the other to Vermillion to let him know what was happening. This baby was being had at the hospital. No ifs, ands, or buts.

When it was all over, I had a boy, my little Carnelian.

And right behind me, still in his work clothes…was my baby’s daddy.

He had been there the whole time. He had stayed with me through all the pain of giving birth, even as I cursed him and the baby. And it was so worth it. I knew that much the moment I held my son…our son.

Thulian’s Point of View- The Birthday From Heaven

So, moving to Briocheport has clearly been the best thing for me and for my sis. I’m about to turn eighteen here, and I’m an uncle and if things are going as well as she thinks they are with this boyfriend of hers, I think I’ll have a couple more nieces and nephews.

And they must be going well, since I think Sakura had a ring. Don’t tell her I told you, though!!

So anyway, I was about halfway through going through the blowing-out-the-candles thing, when in comes sissy’s boyfriend and some chick that looks like his sister. And Berry, she’s gorgeous.

I blew ‘em out alright, and it felt good to be eighteen.

Because I felt nice and confident when I went up to her. Turns out she’s Bloody Orangerita, and she’s some cousin or other of The Boyfriend’s.

She gets me. Really gets me. Usually, when I tell people what’s on my mind, what I hear and see when there’s nobody visible…when I talk about the aliens and their mind probes….people tell me I’m crazy or give me strange looks. Not Bloo (as she ordered me to call her). She hears them too! She knows they probe people!

She’s just like me!!

When I figured that out, well, I had to go for it. She’s gorgeous and she knows about the aliens.

Clearly, it’s destiny.

I couldn’t believe it. I hadn’t had the courage to call Vermillion and let him know, but…but after not seeing each other for so long…he called me.

“Hey, is this Sakura?” He asked.

“Yeah, it’s me.” I said. “Vermillion?” I asked.

“You remember me?” He asked, surprised.

“How could I forget?” I asked quietly. “Um…there’s…something I want to tell you…but I just…I can’t say it over the phone. Can-can you come over?” I asked weakly.

“…Sure.” He agreed.

I gave him my address.

As I hung up the phone, my heart was pounding. I couldn’t wait to see him, but at the same time, I was so scared…

Thank Berry my brothers were at school!

When Vermillion Sangria called up, I found it hard not to stammer when I allowed him up.

Then, he saw me, and he froze.

I was pretty visibly pregnant by that point. His eyes dropped to my belly and he swallowed.

“Sakura…is…is it mine?” He asked. I was shocked that it was the first thing he would say.

“…Yes.” I said. “I-I know you probably don’t believe me, and I know you probably think I’m a slut-I mean, we met and then like two hours later we were in bed together-but it’s true, you’re the only guy I’ve been with since I got to Briocheport and the doctor says there’s no way this baby was conceived before then.”

“Oh, Sakura…” Vermillion pulled me in for a warm embrace, and I felt myself start to tear up. “I believe you. I’d never done anything like that before myself. I just…I can’t resist you.” He said softly.

“…Vermillion…” I couldn’t get anything else out. Tears started rolling down my cheeks. They were’nt sad tears, though. They were tears of joy. He believed me. He didn’t think I was a slut. He felt as drawn to me as I did to him…

He stepped away from me and glanced down at my belly.

“May I feel?” He asked.

“Yes, of course.” I said. “It’s your baby!”

He bent down, and almost as soon as his palm brushed my belly, he gasped.

“I-I think I felt him kick!” He said.

“Him?” I laughed.

“I think it’s going to be a boy.” He said

“I’m hoping for a girl. Far too many boys around. Did I tell you I live with my two little brothers?” I asked.

“You might’ve mentioned it, but I can’t say I remember. The rest of the night kind of blew most of the talking we did from my mind.” He confessed.

“Oh, you.” I laughed.

Then, he glanced at his watch.

“Hey, Sakura, I don’t mean to run out on you, but I have to go…I have work. I wait at a restaurant.” He said.

“Go. As long as you promise to be back.” I said.

“I promise,” he said, as he turned to leave.

I watched him go, feeling buoyant. I knew he was going to keep that promise.

I was walking home from a club a few nights later when I passed the theater and ran into her.

Elberi Slayer, something of a minor celeb in Briocheport.

From the minute I locked eyes with her, I knew she wasn’t normal, and then she grinned, and I saw her fangs, and it came tumbling out.

“Are you a vampire?” I asked, then clamped my hand over my mouth, feeling stupid for asking someone like Elberi something like that.

“Very observant, my lovely,” Elberi said, grinning wider. Then, she inhaled and her girn became a smirk. “You ought to know, darling, you have a little surprise on the way.” She said, and winked.

“A surprise? Huh? What do you mean?” I asked.

I didn’t get to hear her answer though. My stomach rebelled, and I ran a few steps away so I didn’t puke all over Elberi.

And throw up I did, all over the ground in front of the theater. I glanced back to see Elberi’s grin widened. I wondered what she meant.

Wait…no way…could it be…?

I spun back to her.

“Elberi,” I said, “tell me the truth. Am…am I pregnant?” I asked, keeping my voice low.

“Yes,” Elberi said, and then she bowed out and vanished.

Unfortunately, a paparazzo caught several shots of me and Elberi together, and, I’m fairly certain, a shot or two of me being sick…

When confirmation of Elberi’s prediction came from my doctor, I knew immediately who the father was.

Vermillion Sangria’s face flashed through my mind, and I sighed.

I picked up my phone and got halfway through dialing his number, before the thought struck me.

He would never believe that the baby was his, not after how things had gone between us. We’d barely known each other and I was in bed…well, elevator first…with him. He must think that I’m a total slut…!

I hung up the phone and put it away. I just couldn’t bear to make that call…to have Vermillion reject me.

‘Cause I’m pretty sure that he’s the one.

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